Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fun on Thanksgiving Day!

With food in the oven, Delaney, Merritt and I headed toward our mini-playground outside for some fresh air and fun! :o)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More on New Mexico

Here are several more pictures from our outing to Monjeau Lookout in Ruidoso, New Mexico (taken this past July)...

::singing:: "The hills are alive..."

Atop Monjeau Lookout (Delaney and Cale look sick, don't they?? :o)

We were fooling around and Cale decided to act as though he was meditating (rather fits with the scenery, doesn't it?).

Woods surrounding Monjeau. It was such a treat to just sit there, nice and quiet-like, and soak in the peacefulness made by the gentle rustling sound amongst the birch trees, surrounding hills and warm sunshine. Totally refreshing!

Merritt and Mommy enjoying a picnic lunch.

The yellow sign on the right reads, "Narrow - Rough - Road". It immediately made me think of the pathway to heaven. (Matthew 7:14)

::Sigh:: What an awesome day that will not soon be forgotten!

Wedding pictures coming next (not that you're so interested in viewing them, I just like posting -- I consider this our family journal, in a way). :o)