Sunday, May 28, 2006

*Birthday Girl*

Last Thursday marked a special day in our family. Six years ago a little one was born after ten hours of a labor, nine months of waiting and two heart-wrenching miscarriages previously. She's special, a valuable pearl to our family, and as one close friend wrote, "...a happy part of my [our] life!" (Now, with that said, I will mention that we are trying not to spoil Merritt.)

Celebrating this little girl's sixth birthday was so much fun! There were no presumptions, no expectations (she really wanted a bike, but when Momma asked her how it would be if she didn't get one, Merritt sensibly replied, "That'd be okay") and every activity experienced throughout the day, no matter the size, was thoroughly enjoyed with such passion, it rivaled the glee felt on Christmas morning.

Merritt wanted pop tarts for Momma created this for her:

We scattered the gift giving throughout the day so they would be appreciated appropriately. After breakfast she received Black Beauty on CD, accompanied with a delightful picture book.

Do you think she liked the "big girl" bike?

Six candles burning brightly on a chocolate cake with pink icing + one happy girl = satisfied. It takes a lot of air to extinguish those flames! :o)

In her own words, "This birthday was totally compafidy - which translated means incredible!"

P.S. I admit, we make a big to-do about birthdays...but, then again, they only come once-a-year. *smiling*


At Sunday, May 28, 2006 6:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsea!!
Say happy birthday to Merritt for us!! It looks like she had a great birthday!! :o)
In Christ,


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